I'm not dead!
anne bonny
Staying busy and radio-silent, but not dead.

Americorps life, doula life, doula TRAINER life, artist-building-a-collective-of-artists life, busy damn life. I keep having to set reminders on my phone to do things like put the trash out, take a shower, clean the catbox--I've never experienced this level of management ever in my life. Toooo muuuuuch but it's ok, I shall stay on my grind and help Tupelo be more awesome \o/

I am currently enjoying myself because my 2 friends who just had a baby together want friends to make audio recordings of themselves reading stories for their son, and I am ABOUT THAT LIFE. YAAAAAAAAS I LOVE READING STORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES. I called mad dibs on recording the Beatrix Potter stories that I've had since I was a little baby, it was special to me that I get to record those stories down for their sweet son.

I feel that at this point in my life, my performance art (hooping, juggling, bellydance) has more depth and expression than my painted art. I'm not sure if it's related to skill or just the lack of time I have to devote to practicing with my acrylics. These are all brain panderings I have going on due to this Tupelo Artist Collective that we're working on forming (we have the leadership formed and we've met several times now, we're still working on how to involve other artists).

This is all sort of brain vomit, I'm at work right now and I just felt like hollerin at yall. Be excellent to each other!!

Bien venidos, Mississippi.
anne bonny
I'm writing this from a Motel 6 in Van Buren, Arkansas, but I am Mississippi-bound once more in the morning.

That was...an experience. Very fast & furious, living with Biba. It didn't get much better once we got moved in. Biba has been in such a state the likes of which Dale, Biba's daughter, has never seen.

I had to come back home, I couldn't do it anymore. I gave it my best shot and I learned valuable lessons, but right now, Mississippi is where I belong.

Lately it occurs to me: what a long, strange trip it's been.

Pirate penguins
I live in Albuquerque now! We finally moved into the new house today, after a 5 day sojourn that began in Brandon, MS last Thursday morning.

I'm living with my friends' grandmother, Biba (a word meaning "beloved", from a North African sub-Saharan dialect). Biba has borderline personality disorder, hearing loss and some dementia--but as of this writing, it is a lot better than it was on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. We spent Friday through Monday in Corona, NM, where Biba's daughter has a cabin that she & her husband will be retiring to in about a year. Actually, I left the cabin Sunday night because Biba was doing her damnedest to destroy me so one of her grandaughters made the hour-half drive to rescue me and take me to Albuquerque so Biba & I could have some time apart.

Now that we're in the house together and have more space (the cabin in Corona is rather small), I feel like we have a better chance at learning one another and getting along well. I'm more of a companion than a caregiver, so it's not difficult in theory, but rolling with Biba's mood swings can be more difficult than it sounds sometimes.

Biba's grandaughter Sarah & I are splitting the companion role so that neither of us gets burnt out. Luckily, Sarah & I are great friends and get along famously (Sarah owns the house which I stay at every time I visit ABQ), so her being immediately next door is a great morale booster and I know that I have a place to escape to if Biba really flips her lid.

That's all the news that's fit to print for now :) Looking for hoop groups, bellydance troupes, and desert roots!

Influenster review: Palmolive Fresh Infusions
Pirate penguins
I received my second Influenster box today, it contained the new Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish detergent line from Colgate-Palmolive. All 3 of them were sent to me free of charge for review.

When I opened the box they came in, they were individually wrapped in bubble wrap. As I took the bubblewrap off (and popped the hell out of those bubbles, wheeee), I noticed that 2 out of the 3 bottles had cracked caps and had leaked a small amount of detergent. The 2 bottles felt unpleasantly sticky to touch due to the leak, but I washed them off and carried on with my first impressions review.

(My stepson's girlfriend stole the un-leaky Lime Basil, she talked about drinking it like a cool tropical concoction. I can't deny it does smell refreshingly Caribbean, but I told her to slow her roll & reclaimed it long enough to snap some pictures)

Pictures behind the cutCollapse )

The 3 scents are Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme, and Ginger White Tea. They smell very nice, yes (my favorite scent is the Ginger White Tea, it's warm & foody w/ floral notes); I'm sure they're good and sudsy but...

Colgate-Palmolive still tests on animals. They claim they're moving towards phasing it out, but until that actually *happens*, I'm going to try to support Colgate-Palmolive as little as possible. (Source http://www.peta.org/mediacenter/news-releases/Colgate-Palmolive-Company-Tops-PETA-s-New-List-Recognizing-Companies-Working-to-End-Government-Mandated-Tests.aspx I know it's PETA, but that news release is void of batshittery])

You can find the Fresh Infusions at Walmart, but until Colgate-Palmolive figures out an alternative, I would suggest purchasing a brand like Seventh Generation. Preferably at a store that is NOT Walmart.

Find more reviews on the Influenster review page.

My only Yuletime Wish!
Pirate penguins

This super-duper blog post will contain my only wish for Yule: for my friends to contribute, in whatever amounts big or small, to my community doula training.

Here in Tupelo, the North Mississippi Birthing Project is doing wonderful things for mothers & mothers-to-be in the community! Pregnancy/childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, a baby supply closet stocked with diapers, clothes, toys; time & money management classes--it is an excellent non-religious resource for mothers who can't find the help and support they need. You can read about our local chapter of the Birthing Project here on Wordpress: Northeast MS Birthing Project or, for the social media inclined, on Facebook: NEMSBP on Facebook.

In addition to the care, education, and support that the Birthing Project provides to mamas, the local coordinator Toni Hill is now offering training as a doula to interested applicants (of which I am one). What the fresh hell is a doula, exactly? A doula, as opposed to a midwife, acts as a non-medical support system for expecting mothers, fathers, siblings & family. Doulas provide physical assistance, information about alternative methods of birthing, and emotional support to women who might not have family to confide in, or who might feel uncomfortable speaking openly with their family.

Those who know me well can imagine that my background in massage therapy, energywork, and my empathy would be well-suited to the position of a doula for women in my own community. I care enough about women & babies that I believe every possible option should be made available to them to choose from. I believe that women who do write birth plans must have those plans honored unless a critical medical necessity arises--for example, an obstetrician's vacation cruise to the Bahamas is not a medical necessity for early induction. Just an example.

With this passion in my heart & humility in my spirit, I ask that my friends help me raise the $400 asked of me to fund my training that I can give of myself into my community. I would very much like to be the change that I wish to see in the world.

If you're not sure of what to gift me with for Yule/Christmas, a contribution to this ChipIn would make me happy as could be!


Influenster! Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle
lostmustard, Goren--by my e-wifey
My Beauty Blogger voxbox arrived back around the middle of October, and I was rather impressed! I'm going to go through the products one by one and let yall know what I think after the LJ-cut.

B&B Nutmeg & Spice candleCollapse )

My candle was free for review through Influenster's VoxBox program. The candles are available for purchase at http://www.bathandbodyworks.com fo' tree-fitty ($3.50).

Influenster update!
Pirate penguins
Oh boy! I've pre-qualified for a beauty "VoxBox", which will have goodies for me to review if I'm selected to receive one. Pretty stoked, no lie. (I also wanted to make another *public* entry so the Influenster team will know that yes, I post here, though most of my real-life thangs are friend-locked.)

Perhaps I should make a different blog to review things in, but for now I'll just cross the streams here and if the situation warrants it, I'll start a Wordpress or somesuch. Public entries on LJ get so much spam, argh.

From Twitter 08-15-2009
anne bonny

  • 01:02:06: The fair was bitchin. I didn't throw up, but came perilously close several times. Definitely got money's worth. Tired now x_x
  • 01:25:22: @switchbladephd Haha, actually it's more like a tinfoil sailor's hat. And yw for the FF lurve.
  • 01:25:49: @lostmustard I managed to hold all the raw fish down, by some miracle of anti-physics and willpower :)
  • 01:27:22: @switchbladephd I've cried while eating pie. Tears born of self-loathing and an allergic reaction to pie
  • 01:32:43: I'm being tagged in many videos on Facebook that Alli took with her phone whilst on different rides at the fair. All are lulzy.
  • 01:46:57: @iheartny646 Lol, it is when you're riding crazy-ass rides at the fair :D
  • 01:58:26: @iheartny646 Lol, I hate vomiting :<
  • 11:56:27: NOW, to business. http://www.whyweprotest.net
  • 18:27:02: Oh god traffic kill me now
  • 18:32:55: "You kiss my micro-glove"? Wtf? "Never go to bed without a piece of raw meat"?! WTF KIND OF SONG IS THIS?!!!!?!??!?!?!!!???
  • 18:39:20: Oh, it's japanese. No wonder. This radio station is funny.
  • 18:41:58: Damn, The Wiz is playing at the Belcourt tonight :(

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From Twitter 08-14-2009
anne bonny

  • 00:22:31: Would you believe me if I told you that I think you're stunningly handsome?That I love your hair and want to put hands on it?#latenitetweets
  • 00:36:03: @gentlyferal Lol <3
  • 00:54:45: augh, my shoulders, hands, groin, thighs and abs hurt like mad. I can't get over it. The price of fun aghhhggghh
  • 00:58:28: Ok, I'm going to bed now. I still want to fucking hug you into pieces. That is all. #latenighttweets #unwelcomeadvances?
  • 08:55:52: #ff @lostmustard @hematuria @switchbladephd @numberjohnny5 @common_squirrel @kingsleymeerkat @rathergood @misslorra @gentlyferal
  • 08:56:30: #ff @roxxiecyber...that's all I can think of off the top of my head, gotta run now to put oil in The Ruby and get my paycheck. Nashville!
  • 15:21:06: Posted up on The Mountain now--super-secret up-high hideaway! @Fireflysoap #notdeadyay
  • 15:43:01: Tyler can't come to the fair?! WEAK. SAUCE. SUPER WEAK.
  • 17:00:08: RT @transnihilist: being a pagan @zolakathryn gets to do all kinds of fun shit like blood orgies and rejecting christ. <--LOL I WISH.

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From Twitter 08-13-2009
anne bonny

  • 07:07:07: "Good morning. I'd like for you to produce my monies forthwith, plz & thx" Does the financial aid office speak internet?
  • 07:25:43: December 24th, 9 pm, eastern standard time from here on in i shoot without a script
  • 07:35:52: Bad: i've got the opener of RENT stuck in my head. Worse: i've got the entire first song memorized (including mom's annoying voicemail)
  • 07:36:22: Worst: i can't find the CDs anywhere. :x HALP
  • 07:49:54: Just met Cajuneighbor's little baby girl. Too precious :3
  • 08:01:26: And so the wait begins...
  • 08:16:00: Well that was relatively painless. Yay financial aid office~
  • 08:41:27: Holy shit i want to see District 9 tonight.
  • 08:57:33: My groin muscles really hurt from that volleyball game. D:
  • 08:58:26: Lol i need an Icy Hot jockstrap.
  • 10:26:09: Wtf is this some sort of ambulance convention?
  • 10:37:27: @lostmustard :( Ponyo is so great. I saw a subbed version at a friend's house.
  • 11:05:31: @thetidalrabbit Yeah, I tried a sample of some "lip plumping" gloss from Maybelline and that shit made my lips numb. NEVAR AGAIN
  • 11:09:57: @themarisayoung Wait, what? Death panel?
  • 11:18:17: Resizing my browser window is awfully presumptuous of you, website. Fuck off, I like my browser rectangular, not perfectly square. #bitch
  • 11:25:52: @lostmustard Why, drink the water before it gets watered down, of course!
  • 11:27:50: Ok so I think a ghost just burped behind me cuz I turn around and there's no one there to burp. Wtf
  • 11:32:34: @lostmustard Oh so you weren't kidding about your water getting watered down? I like my water absolutely frigid. No fridge can come close.
  • 11:34:23: Wow, Giada de Laurentiis has really slutted it up since I last watched Everyday Italian. Lime green cleavage shirt, wtf and wtf
  • 11:36:33: @lostmustard Yo dawg I heard you like ice so I put cold in your ice so you can water while you cold #xtothezxzibithere
  • 11:37:28: @hematuria Oh so you like it whisky style then
  • 11:37:45: @hematuria Also, she must retain the Italian cadence of her speech and flip her 'r's
  • 11:40:23: @transnihilist @trixieboots Who knows? Meth-sister might do great in the Alcatraz swim. Just have a boat for her to stop at and get a bump.
  • 11:40:45: Who the fuck puts pine nuts in a chocolate cookie? #wtfgiada
  • 11:42:56: Les Paul is dead?!! http://bit.ly/AyJZ3 #reallyfuckingheartbroken #ripkilla
  • 12:08:00: The lady who now narrates the Oxiclean commercials irritates me. Go away foul woman, for thou art not Wilhelm Mays
  • 12:22:50: Fuckin' sore all over, aagghhh the slip and slide plus water volleyball was totally worth it though. Hours of laughter. #cheesyshit
  • 12:36:34: @fireflysoap Just sent yall an email re: my trip through Columbia tomorrow!
  • 12:43:08: Cable and internet are boinked. :(
  • 13:03:00: @numberjohnny5 Have a nap, you deserve one. GO ON, YOU'VE EARNED IT #cheesy
  • 13:03:55: I think today is #cheesy day. Watching Semi-Homemade whilst surfing televisionwithoutpity.com forums and laughing my ass off.
  • 13:04:49: Sandra Lee is so fucking bizarre. Like a Stepford Wife gone to hell.
  • 13:05:25: @numberjohnny5 Call in and tell them you've dealt with the financial aid office--that is an illness in itself
  • 13:05:37: @numberjohnny5 BULLSHIT YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR GET OUT
  • 13:07:48: @numberjohnny5 Alright now go, walk out the door
  • 13:20:45: @orh16 Lol, they're both laughable. Sandra Lee's stories of her childhood are completely inconsistent and weird.
  • 13:22:15: @orh16 And Rachel Ray is just "HURHURHUR" annoying. "EVOO"? I rather prefer the acronym DIAF--die in a fire.
  • 13:27:15: "The reason evaporated milk's so thick is cuz most of the water's been removed." NO. WAY. I'm pretty sure that's what 'evaporated' means.
  • 13:52:54: @lostmustard Lol
  • 14:04:21: Nap time.
  • 18:45:49: @makelineerror I know, right? And it's always something cracked out, like today it was crossword puzzle themed. WWhhhhaaaattttt
  • 18:49:05: @themarisayoung the things some people will believe.
  • 19:37:19: All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
  • 19:42:07: I'm pretty sure at this point, "singing counterculturist" is the only career I'm cut out for
  • 19:43:00: @transnihilist LOL "like omg, u r SO unfllwd!" Though I'm curious as to which "shit" s/he was referring to.
  • 19:43:35: @hematuria Is that where all the lonely people come from, or is that an answer to an earlier question I tweeted? #confused #herpderp
  • 19:45:25: @transnihilist O rly. #fail #herpderp I've got lots of #herpderp today.
  • 19:53:24: @hematuria Lonely people don't come from Greenville, there are casinos here on Lake Ferguson. Lol #laughsoyoudontcry
  • 20:04:44: If you're wrong, men of Twitter, I'm going to take you all to e-court and sue your pants off in a court of lawl. Be assured of this.
  • 20:05:37: @jacobprince GOGOGO!!
  • 20:07:36: Abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous. I know I'm never staying at a Marriott ever again. http://www.connpost.com/ci_13048604
  • 20:10:29: @hematuria Also, it's 8 PM. Do you know where YOUR kitties are? This brought to you by the Lonely Feline Hearts Association. #themoaryouknow
  • 20:14:35: @switchbladephd What the bloody shit does "e;fb" mean? #acronymdumb
  • 20:19:28: @switchbladephd Lol, sounds like you liked it though. Oh wait, what? I'm sorry, too far? I should just stick to Little League jokes.
  • 20:22:16: @makelineerror Lol I use tl;dr often. Anything over 140 characters is far tl;dr. ;) #lies
  • 20:24:29: @miss_azizi Lol oh god, you watch Gangland too? Nice
  • 20:26:47: @switchbladephd Bangbangbeatbeat
  • 20:31:37: @miss_azizi lmao
  • 20:45:29: Driving around late at night pleases me.
  • 21:04:09: @J_Bruett167 Last oil change was last May, checked the oil level today and it was just above minimum level
  • 21:05:22: @switchbladephd I'M PRETTY SURE I KNOW WHICH ONE IT IS
  • 21:29:33: @katelynnpe Have some real fun, join in the chase! Lol. That, or scream "RELEASE THE HOUNDS"
  • 21:39:00: Bobby Hill is fuckin' loltastic
  • 21:44:57: @lostmustard LOLOL you should go and just act a fool. I'd do it. Wear a big hat
  • 21:45:30: RT @lostmustard: "I'm not gay or anything, but I think unicorns are kick ass!"
  • 21:59:32: @lostmustard Lol, but you could "speak in tongues" and stand up and holler and fall out all in the aisle and at the altar and stuff.
  • 21:59:38: @lostmustard It'll be fun.
  • 22:24:19: Ugh, this muscle soreness needs to gtfo. Taking ibuprofen in the morning to hopefully be chipper by the time I get to the fair tomorrow!!
  • 22:27:21: Ok...don't hurt me Twitter but...I like the song "Alone" by Heart. I was reminded of this by that asinine Burger King commercial.
  • 22:28:08: @gentlyferal *gasp* SHE LEADS A DOUBLE LIFE!!! ;) Heeheehee
  • 22:28:41: @Hargiteam_42 Will red sauce assuage this rage inside of you? Perhaps bowtie pasta?
  • 22:29:02: ...Celine Dion's cover of "Alone" is pretty good too. #diggingmyselfdeeper #lostallstreetcred #frenchbitch
  • 22:29:51: I can't help the fact that "Alone" describes situations in my past and present wonderfully. #notmyfault #passingblame #ireallyamagirl #ohgod
  • 22:32:10: @Hargiteam_42 I don't have vodka, but I do have rum.
  • 22:32:26: @fisher_queen I AM AWAITING LULZ
  • 22:36:09: I also know all the words to "Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys. #nothelping
  • 22:41:11: @fisher_queen LOL that motherfucker lookin' smug like he just fell off the Love Boat or some shit
  • 22:41:59: NOW COMES THE TIME ON TWITTER WHEN I POST SILLY ANIMAL PICS. Josh's pug-dog from that night we went clubbing will start the silly series.
  • 22:43:30: http://tinyurl.com/pudl73 Fairly normal http://tinyurl.com/pt2stz OH GOD ALIEN BUG EYES http://tinyurl.com/qvwaq6 WTF ARE THOSE LIPS IDK
  • 22:46:18: @gentlyferal LOL, available at your local Church of Scientology for the low, low price of $1500!! #snark
  • 22:50:25: @fisher_queen Yeah but she was yappy as hell. I got one of those already at the house, lol. Just had funny pics of her XD
  • 22:53:06: Funny pics of boycat freaking out: http://tinyurl.com/os4ush Teeth, fur, & claws flailing @ a bug http://tinyurl.com/phqklm Accusing stare!
  • 22:53:47: http://tinyurl.com/omvgv7 bitching and moaning at me
  • 22:57:11: @transnihilist Probably not much to speak of, or to shake a stick at #goingtohell
  • 23:00:52: I should go to sleep in prep for Nashville tomorrow, but I'm editing pictures from the club instead. God, what an awesome night.
  • 23:02:12: OH MY GOD this Gummy Bears skit on Robot Chicken always makes me laugh ridiculously hard. Still laughing!!!!
  • 23:16:41: @jarrbay Oh that's fucking nasty
  • 23:37:00: Pics from da HH show: http://tinyurl.com/plla9d http://tinyurl.com/peq5vu http://tinyurl.com/qwh969 http://tinyurl.com/oxjq8m
  • 23:38:02: Moar clubbin: http://tinyurl.com/ryvh3k http://tinyurl.com/qm9ttg Awesome night. Whoop whoop
  • 23:45:00: Oh I forgot gay night w/ Pita: http://tinyurl.com/pc2c3d http://tinyurl.com/rxm3uh MEXICANS ONLY FUCK YOU http://tinyurl.com/pom54j DEFIANCE
  • 23:48:21: I'm listening to "My Heart Will Go On". How gay does that make me right now on a scale of 1-10?

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