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I live in Albuquerque now! We finally moved into the new house today, after a 5 day sojourn that began in Brandon, MS last Thursday morning.

I'm living with my friends' grandmother, Biba (a word meaning "beloved", from a North African sub-Saharan dialect). Biba has borderline personality disorder, hearing loss and some dementia--but as of this writing, it is a lot better than it was on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. We spent Friday through Monday in Corona, NM, where Biba's daughter has a cabin that she & her husband will be retiring to in about a year. Actually, I left the cabin Sunday night because Biba was doing her damnedest to destroy me so one of her grandaughters made the hour-half drive to rescue me and take me to Albuquerque so Biba & I could have some time apart.

Now that we're in the house together and have more space (the cabin in Corona is rather small), I feel like we have a better chance at learning one another and getting along well. I'm more of a companion than a caregiver, so it's not difficult in theory, but rolling with Biba's mood swings can be more difficult than it sounds sometimes.

Biba's grandaughter Sarah & I are splitting the companion role so that neither of us gets burnt out. Luckily, Sarah & I are great friends and get along famously (Sarah owns the house which I stay at every time I visit ABQ), so her being immediately next door is a great morale booster and I know that I have a place to escape to if Biba really flips her lid.

That's all the news that's fit to print for now :) Looking for hoop groups, bellydance troupes, and desert roots!
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