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Trap Queen of Heaven

Salve, Regina

Capt. Kat Sparrow
I write infrequently, and mostly about inconsequential shit. But I like to think I'm funny, whether or not you agree :D

I bellydance, I like getting myself completely lost in the wilderness then finding my way back home, I like being self-sufficient and doing my own damn thing (doin' it, doin' it, and doin' it well!)

I'll graduate in February with a degree in massage therapy, and I think ayurvedic massage is a pretty cool style that doesn't afraid of anything.

I'm kind of a denizen of the internet, but I'm mostly harmless. I don't get much sleep, and the results are pretty amusing (but again, that's just in my opinion). I like drinking hot tea, mostly jasmine tea and black teas.

Yar har fiddle dee, I am a pirate.


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I just updated my bio & interests 7/15/10 to ~stay relevant~, so I hope you fucking enjoy it. <3

Is your cat plotting to kill you?